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Sunday, August 6, 2006

~~Nick's Lake~~
Another one from Upstate NY. I took the photo at Nick's Lake in the Adirondack Mountains while on a day trip with my brother Woody. It was a sunny, warm day and the Adirondacks were in full summer glory. Except for a few black flies, it was a beautiful place to go. Original painting 12"x18", done with soft pastels on Wallis paper. Original and Prints available.
~~Getaway Cabin~~
What can I say. Deep in the woods to a little rustic cabin is always a beautiful place to go. Original painting is 9"x12", soft pastels on sanded paper. Prints available.

Autumn Field - SOLD


I just love Upstate NY, where the days are often gloomy. The fall and winter landscapes are so gorgeous and most of my paintings try to capture that beauty. I took the original photo for this painting driving the back roads from Ilion to New Hartford, NY. The day was hazy and cool; the perfect day for a drive. As I approached this scene, it suddenly captured all of my attention and I knew instantly it would be a wonderful painting of a beautiful place to go.