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Monday, May 18, 2009

The New Uart Pastel Paper - GREAT STUFF!!

I received a sample of the new Uart recently and tested it out today (500 grit)

First I sketched out a painting. Didn't like it so I rubbed it out. Paper doing fine.

Then I sketched and painted with pastels. Didn't like it so I rubbed it out...again. Paper doing fine.

Then I sketched, painted, and douced it with Turpenoid. Paper nice and dry, no warping at all! Paper doing great! Me on the other hand am not doing so well at this point.

Then I painted, rubbed it out, painted it again, rubbed it out again. Paper still doing fine. 5 Foam brushes not doing so well.

This time I was really careful to paint on it. Unfortunately I didn't like it again so I took out into the driveway, stomped on it several hundred times, got the hose out and doused it with nice cold water... over and over and over.... I am happy to say, it dried, no warping at all!

Ok, last attempt........ didn't turn out so good ....... back out to the driveway, lit match and burned it!

BUT! I'm very happy with the new Uart Premium Pastel Paper. It is an excellent product!

It will withstand water, turpenoid, watercolor, and any other wet media. It doesn't warp at all. You can scrub it off and use it again...if you want to that is.

On the other hand, when you've lost all your talent and can't paint ANYTHING, put the uart away for a while and don't burn it.


Carol said...

You are too funny Paula! I chuckled all the way through your description. However, I do know that you will never lose your talent - all your work is amazing. I am such a novice but you give me inspiration. I hope to meet you at IAPS next week. Good news about the Uart, it'll be on my next Dick Blick order.

Tatiana Myers said...

Paula... you sound just like my own last post, when I was punishing Ampersand Clay board. I didn't try U-art, but sure will do it with next occasion. If I'm not happy with my painting, I usually will rip it at many small paintings, but on other hand, my husband few summers ago did to our weed-wacker just the same thing, what you did to that poor U-art- burned it!.. Don't worry, person that has so much sense of humor as you do is not at any danger of loosing a talent! Looking forward to your new paintings!:-)

-Keller said...

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