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Monday, May 24, 2010

Inspiration and Creative Activities

I decided to take a break from painting for the last few days after last week's plein air trip.  The reason being a lack of inspiration with all the hundreds of photos I have.  There is one I've been looking at, but have not been ready to paint it.

The lack of painting is ok because it sparked my love of beading again and I've been happily making jewelry for the last few days.  I am so pleased with what I've made and I also learned a few new techniques!!  What fun!!

Tonight as I passed by one of the landscapes photos on my table next to my easel, it stopped me dead in my tracks!  It finally came to me "what I wanted to say about the painting."  There is a story to tell with every painting and to put down in words what that story is can be very difficult at times.  What you want to tell the viewer, the story that the painting holds, is a very important step in the painting process.  It is helpful to write down in your sketch book, before you start your thumbnails, what the story is or what it is that you want to say about the painting.  Is it the light?  Is it the color?  Is it sadness that you feel with the scene?  Is it how happy the scene made you feel when you saw it?  What were you doing that inspired you to take the photo at that moment?  Is there a funny story that happened to you that day when you took that photo?  What is it that, after the painting is done, you want to say to the viewer?

What will the viewer tell you about that paining?  How did it make the viewer feel?  What is the story that the viewer will tell you about how this painting made him/her feel?  Are the stories similar?  Very, very interesting, huh???

Now, back to that photo... I wanted to tell the viewer something with this photo that i loved, but couldn't figure out what it was that I wanted to say.  It finally came to me!!!

So, tomorrow morning I'll start out with lots of thumbnail sketches to work out the composition and to warm up.  There will be beautiful, calming instrumental music playing in the background, and then I'll start the new painting.

Stay tuned for photos of the jewelry and a new painting that is unfolding in my mind and will be coming to life very soon.....

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