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Thursday, June 10, 2010

June 9 - Plein Air Outing

What a beautiful plein air day we had, after the rain stopped. We set up in a little picnic area at the lake, set up our equipment, were painting away with the sounds of the frogs, and geese and enjoyed the cool breeze. Linda turned to me and said "it is so nice and peaceful and quiet." Our paintings were coming along nicely...

About a minute later, a guy who works for the state backed up his diesel pickup and his power boat right in front of the scene I was painting, cranked up the boat and buzzed around the little lake dumping chemicals in it to kill the algea for at least an hour!!!

The damn boat sounded like the LOUDEST lawnmower I've ever heard. It totally ruined the mood! I washed my painting off in the lake, put all my equipment in the car, watched while he buzzed in front of us a hundred times with the floating lawnmower while talking on his cell phone.... grrrrrrrr

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