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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New UART BOARD - My Review

I am one HAPPY CAMPER today. You know why? I don't have to bond Uart to gatorboard using an adhesive anymore!!! I tried, for the first time, Uart 400 that is already mounted on 100% archival 4 ply Conservation Board, and it's easy to cut too!!! Not only that, when framing I don't ever have to worry about the rabbet... being too shallow for my painting because the new mounted Uart on board is much thinner than when it is bonded to gatorboard. Now there is plenty of room to fit the glass, spacer, and painting and it is strong enough that no backing board is needed at all! Thanks UART!! Great product!!


Randy said...

Wow Paula, is this a Uart product? Or a mounting offered by Dakota? I've been mounting my own paper as well (thanks to your instructions) and would love to avoid the hassle. My problem with the Dakota boards is that it's almost 5 time as expensive.

Paula Ann Ford said...

Hi Randy,
Yes, it is a Uart product. We should add up how much gatorboard, double tack, and uart costs, compared to just buying a piece of it already made. I'll do that in the next couple of days and will get back to you.