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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Northeast National Pastel Exhibition

I just got back from attending the opening of the Northeast National Pastel Exhibition in Old Forge, NY.  It was the most beautiful show!  All the paintings were so gorgeous!

It was also wonderful to see my brother Woody again.  We climbed Bald Mountain, shopped our favorite gift shops in the Adirondacks, and went to several galleries.

I also got to see my friend and fellow pastelist Adriana Meiss.  We painted together while attending a 4 hour workshop at the Old Forge Art Center with Sean Dye.

I am proud to say I am now represented by Gallery 3040 in Old Forge.  It is a beautiful, new gallery.  If you are in that area, please stop by and visit Deb Burrington.  My paintings will be there within the next month.

Gallery 3040
3040 Main Street (St. Route 28)
Old Forge, New York  13420


David Patterson said...

Congrats on the new gallery representation Paula...very cool! Isn't Sean Dye a great guy to learn from? I loved the class I took from him at IAPS last years...too fun!

Monica said...

That's wonderful to hear Paula, I didn't have a chance to make it this year ...or enter for that matter. School has been keeping me busy along with enrolling both of my sons in college.

Did you have a piece in this year? Congratulations on being represented by the new gallery. I'll be at the plein aire paintout in September, maybe I'll see you there.

Paula Ann Ford said...

Thank you David!
Thank you Monica! I didn't enter, but just had to see the show and my brother, and get my Old Forge FIX!!! I hope to be at the paint out in September, so I'll see you then!