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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

19. With a little bit of going back and forth with the light wheat, peachy pink, and yellow green, I softened the foreground area (and a little bit of lavender for interest).

Note: I always teach that the process of painting in pastels is a back-and-forth, back-and-forth build up of colors. You have to be patient enough to get to the point when the pastels start to blend themselves. If you don’t have enough pigment on your surface, they will not blend!!

20. You can tell that I’m almost finished because my signature goes in (with pencil) in the lower left corner.

A little bit of light green gets added into the foreground to brighten it up even more. I can’t remember why this dark green Polychromos is in the picture… LOL

21. Here are most of the colors used in this painting. They are a combination of Mount Vision’s, Terry Ludwig’s, Polychromos, Dick Blick, Paul deMarrais, Rembrandt gray-green, Schmincke(Kelly green), and a hard square charcoal stick.

22. And finally the finished painting.

©2010 Paula Ann Ford, Charlotte's Farm. Soft Pastels on Uart, 12"x12"


Johannes Baul said...

very interesting presentation, Thanks

Carol said...

Thanks Paula, I'm sure this is going to improve my whole "tree experience". I shall be playing this over and over.

Paula Ann Ford said...

Thank you Johannes, Carol!

David Patterson said...

Great demo Paula...beautiful results!

margehayes said...

Your use of color is wonderful Paula. Thank you for sharing your expertise.