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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Inspired by Bob Rohm's Painting - For Learning Purposes Only

For learning purposes only, I painted this tonight.  It is one of Bob Rohm's paintings from his book The Painterly Approach.  I've been feeling stagnant lately regarding my work; feeling like I'm spinning my wheels and not growing as an artist, so I took out this book and painted one of Mr. Rohm's paintings.  His was done in oils.  I learned a great deal and am very pleased with the outcome. 5x7 Not For Sale.


oli said...

Worrying about your progress as an artist is part of the whole thing :-)). I do like your work very much and your landscapes are a great inspiration to me.
Kind regards

Paula Ann Ford said...

Thank you so much Oli!!

Love your work!!

Jo Castillo said...

Good job on this. Have you had a class with Bob Rohm? He is a great teacher and I love his pastel work.

Paula Ann Ford said...

Hi Jo, Thank you! No, I've never taken a class from him, but would LOVE to!!!

Ida M. Glazier said...

Paula, reading your blog today, I saw that you had done your BoBrohm practise/learning piece. I understand! I wonder, too, about how to move forward--how to grow. Going out to plein-air works, helps alot, and another thing I try is to do my own references(drawings, photo 's) using someone else's technequiqe. Then if it works out, I may be able to frame it!! Your work is growing, tho---and you sure do work hard at it!!

Paula Ann Ford said...

Thank you Ida!!
I do work hard, and study hard, but it is a great deal of fun and I love learning every single day.