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Sunday, January 30, 2011

An interview with Artist Angela Bishop

©2010 Angela Bishop, My Best Friend.  Soft Pastels

I have had the pleasure and honor of knowing one of the most hard working artists!!  Wisconsin artist Angela Bishop makes a living at creating beauty.  As you can see in this list at the bottom of this post, Angela not only paints a variety of subjects and mediums, but she also quilts, and is involved in a multitude of painting websites.  This woman can do it all!!

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Angela and learned more about what motivates this highly active and energitic artist.  Please check it out below:
Can you share a little bit about your art background?
I have loved art since I was small child, doodling on everything I could. In my school years I took as many art classes as possible, I just couldn’t get enough. I come from a long line of artists, but I believe that I only inherited the love of art, not the technical ability. Even though I wasn’t any good at it in school, I kept trying and trying and eventually built up my skills. I am certainly a creative being at my core and I have always felt a yearning to express myself through art.

Which mediums do you work in and why?
I mostly work in pastel and watercolor. The first medium that I fell in love with was oil pastel, back in high school. A few years later, when I got back into making art I took up watercolor. I just loved the spontaneity of it. Shortly after that I discovered soft pastel and realized that it really suited my painting style, much like oil pastel had. I love being able to use a brush and mix my own colors with watercolor and I love getting my hands dirty in pastel.

©2010 Angela Bishop, Pears.  Soft Pastels

How often do you paint?
I try to paint every day. If I wasn’t going to college full time I’d probably spend every waking moment in my studio. It’s my safe haven.

How would you describe your painting style?
I would say that my painting style leans toward contemporary realism. I always thought I would be more of a loose and expressive painter, but it turns out that my style is more representational. I’m learning that much like the style of your handwriting, you really cannot choose your painting style; it chooses you. A lot of people tell me that at first glance they cannot tell whether my paintings are photographs or paintings, but I do not aim to achieve photorealism in my work.

©2011 Angela Bishop, Tulips.  Watercolor

Can you tell me a little bit about your painting process?
My painting processes are a little different depending on the medium; however, I always start out my painting with a somewhat detailed drawing (the drawing is more detailed if I’m painting in watercolor). I don’t do thumbnail sketches for compositional or value reasons, even though I probably should. I use photographs for my work and I will alter photos as needed to make an appealing composition. Whether I’m working in pastel or watercolor I tend to build my paintings up slowly with lots of layers to paint in order to achieve the color I’m going for.

Did you set any art goals for this year?
I actually did. I made an entire list. Some of the more important goals were to paint at least four days a week, participate in monthly painting challenges, paint at least 150 pieces this year and continue studying art books regularly.

©2010 Angela Bishop, Welcome Spring.  Soft Pastels

How has blogging and the internet changed your life as an artist?
The internet has opened up so many doors for me. It has been just a wonderful tool as far as reaching out to people all over the globe. I have what I consider to be dear friends who I only know online, through blogging and other social media sites. I think the internet is a wonderful marketing tool for artists.

Do you have any advice for artists just starting out?
It’s so difficult to find your own voice when you’re first starting out, and I’m actually there now, myself. I have only been painting seriously for about a year. My advice would be to stay true to who you are and paint what you love. Don’t try and paint what others are telling you to, or what you think others will like (this has been a tough lesson for me because I’m a people pleaser). Also, paint as much as you possibly can. This is the only way you will develop your painting style and improve as an artist.

Check out Angela's websites, her beautiful paintings and items for sale, and the websites she is involved with:

©2011 Angela Bishop, Nap Time.  Soft Pastels

Thank you Angela!!

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David Patterson said...

Nice post Paula! I know Angela's work from Contemporary Fine Art - She is indeed a very diverse artist!