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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Alaskan Wildflowers II

I just couldn't stop thinking about Alaskan Wildflowers so I painted another version.  They are just so beautiful!!

©2011 Paula Ann Ford, Alaskan Wildflowers II. Oils on board (Raymar panel), 5"x7"
(Will get a better photo with natural light.)


mary said...

Paula Ann,

You are amazing! I love your site. It has inspired me to do as much as I can. I too am working with oils now and doing a life portrait of my daughter. It is not easy, but I love it so!
I also enjoy your music. Thanks for your wonderful site!
Mary Kocinski
Nashua NH

Ida M. Glazier said...

Again I am struck at how beautiful your bog is!!! All the beautiful artwork is one thing, but the blog itself is so well done its a pleasure to see it!! I wish mine was as nice---Ohwell. I lilk all your new Oils, they are so well done. I really like one called Tennessee turnip patch, or something like that. Have you been watching webinar's by Vloothuis?? What do you think so far? I did really enjoy last weekends as the best- - guess he's getting into it now. Just stopped by so say "Hi"!

Paula Ann Ford said...

Thank you so much Mary!!

Hi Ida, Thank you!!!

You are both so kind!!

Yes, I have been watching Johannes' classes. I've learned a lot, but still paint exactly how I want to paint. :0)