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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dandelion Dance II - SOLD

I've done this one before in pastels and just had the urge to paint it in oils.

This was an early morning scene that I saw as I walked out onto my front deck one morning.  The sun was strong, casting long shadows and it lit up the fluffy white dandelions.

©2011 Paula Ann Ford, Dandelion Dance II. Oils on board (Raymar panel), 5"x7"



AnnG said...

I really like your recent work in oils, Paula! :)

Paula Ann Ford said...

Thank you Ann!!

KEH said...

Beautiful piece.... with your permission I would love to feature this painting and yourself as a "featured artist" on ART-aid an artist resource website I write / publish. Let me know if that is alright with you - I will wait to publish the post till I hear back!


Paula Ann Ford said...

Hi Katie! Thank you so much!!

I'd be honored to be a Featured Artist on Art-aid!!

Please let me know if you need anything else.

KEH said...

Check it out I just published your lovely piece here is the post ! Thanks for allowing me to include you and enjoy!

Paula Ann Ford said...

Thank you Katie!!! It looks great!!!

David Patterson said...

Congrats Paula! Just saw you tweet on this wonderful piece being featured!

Paula Ann Ford said...

Thank you David!!

Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness... This is absolutely stunning! You captured the backlight beautifully, Paula!

I'm from northern New York... Just discovered your blog while researching Gallery 3040 in Old Forge. LOVE your work! Will be following you regularly! :)


Jennifer Suydam

Paula Ann Ford said...

Thank you Jennifer!! I actually had the pastel version of this painting at Gallery 3040, but it sold about a month ago.