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Saturday, January 26, 2013

I must paint...

But, I must also study.  Taking some time off to fill my brain.  Will paint soon.


Katherine Thomas said...

Yes, Dearie, GO PAINT.
It's inside of you waiting to come to light and be expressed, I can tell!
I'm reminded of a poem that my dad used to recite about "I must go back to the sea again, to the call of the running tide..."
Art is our running tide and we must immerse ourselves in it before we dry up!

A Wild Thing said...

I just found you as I was researching air filters. I'm a closet artist, rarely have time to do my work, as I'm too busy trying to support myself, but your work is awe inspiring and if it wasn't so cold in Iowa, I'd take a walk in the woods. Haven't worked in pastels since high school,(I'm 63), maybe it's time to explore again, I do wildlife pencil and watercolors.

You inspire, enjoy your time off and I'll anxiously await my filter, but have time before spring pollutants arrive. So sad that the air we breathe outdoors is so toxic, but I'm also a dog groomer, so this should really help my plight.

Thanks so much,
Sharon Wilson

Paula Ann Ford said...

Hi Katherine, I'm sure I'll be painting soon! It will all of a sudden come bubbling out of me and I won't be able to stop it!! :)

Hi Sharon, Thank you!!