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Saturday, February 16, 2013


I started this tonight with a shockingly strange underpainting.  The sky was pink, the trees were blue, the mid ground was purple, forground was orange, and the water was cornflower blue (as you can see by the photo below).  I washed all those colors in with rubbing alcohol to get rid of all the white dots (started with a white piece of 12"x16" Ampersand Pastelbord).

I had intended to use those colors, but because I wasn't used to using that much color, mid way through I brushed it all off and went for more local know, my comfort zone.  Gosh, I wish I knew a bit more about color.

Anyway, it's almost done.


David Patterson said...

Interesting under painting...wonderful progress! Love it!!

Paula Ann Ford said...

Thanks, David!! Can't wait to finish this.

Olga Díaz said...

También me parece interesante, el progreso es sorprendente. Lo único que no entiendo es para que utilizas el alcohol.

Paula Ann Ford said...

Olga, Una vez que se aplica una fina capa de pastel, se vierte un poco de alcohol en una taza y usar un pincel suave (de su elección ... Me gusta usar pisos en el cielo y la tierra, y se redondea a hacer árboles) y pintar sobre el pastel con el alcohol. Se deshace de todos los puntos blancos de la superficie del blanco, y también lava el color pulg Si usted comete un error más adelante en el cuadro, se puede lavar la placa con agua, pero los colores que se lavan con el alcohol quedarse. Es lo mismo que hacer una pintura de base de acuarela, a menos que usted está utilizando pastel. También se puede usar agua, pero que no se seque tan rápido como el alcohol.

Translation: Once you apply a thin layer of soft pastel, you pour some rubbing alcohol in a cup and use a soft paint brush (of your choice...I like to use flats for the sky and ground, and rounds to do trees) and paint over the pastel with the rubbing alcohol. It gets rid of all the white dots of the white surface, and also washes the color in. If you make a mistake later in the painting, you can easily wash the board off with water, but the colors that were washed in with the alcohol stay. It's the same as doing a watercolor underpainting, except you're using pastel. You can also use water, but it doesn't dry as fast as the alcohol.

David King said...

Thanks for posting a WIP Paula, it's always fun and interesting to get a peek into the process of the artist. I like what I see of the underpainting coming through, I think you chose your colors well. I also struggle with pushing color.

Paula Ann Ford said...

Hey Dave! Thanks!! Nice to see you!!